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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1636. Remote backup

Remote backup

With the internet we have many new options to store important data offsite in case of catostrofic loss of your computer and it's data.  

Some people simply use two backup drives and rotate them weekly. Then take the oldest drive and take it offsite or stor it in a fireproof safe. But your cloud is your friend for this type of problem. There are free options like Dropbox, OneDrive and others, as well as products like Carbonite. They all give you the ability to specify what data you want to backup offsite. Some of these options will continouisly do the backup and some will wait until you schedule the backup.  

In any case take advantage of these options. Additional benifits are many of the products will save multiple versions of your files. So if you make changes to that 30 page spreadsheet and make major errors all you need to do is go to the offsite storage location and restore an older version of your file.  

Please look into these options and take advantage of these offsite storage functions.

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