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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1638. View Multiple Email Accounts Concurrently

I use Yahoo email for both my personal and business emails, and I have two separate accounts. I view my email in a browser, and I’d love to be able to have two browser tabs open, one for each account. As it is, I need to log into one account, view my email, close the window, reopen the browser, log into the other account, and view that email. What a pain! Is there a better way?
You have several options. The simplest option is to use an email client application, like Outlook, Microsoft Mail (Windows only), Thunderbird, or Mac Mail (Mac only), among many others. Each of these applications downloads your email to your computer so that you can read and respond to email while offline, and each supports interacting with multiple email accounts simultaneously. You can have each of these applications respond from the email account to which the email message was sent, and you can set up different signatures for each of the accounts. If you’re willing to install and use an email application, you have lots of options that will satisfy your needs.
If you really want the ability to handle your email in a browser, things get more complicated. One simple option is to use different browsers for your different accounts (for example, Google Chrome for personal email, and Internet Explorer for business email). You can log into each account individually in the individual browsers.
The difficulty comes when you try to use a single browser for multiple accounts on a single server, but most modern browsers supply a technique you can use to make this possible. The name for the solution varies depending on the browser, but look for terms like “incognito” or “private” mode. For each browser, you can open a new window in this private mode, and the browser handles each as a separate instance, with settings hidden from the other windows. Using this technique, you can log into multiple accounts on the same email server concurrently.

Our vote: Use an email client. It’s simple, productive, and almost always free.  

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