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Monday, January 25, 2016

1628. Share Printers using Macs

I have multiple Mac’s in my office but only one printer. I would like to be able to have people on different computers print to my printer. We are all connected to the same WiFi network, can I set this up myself?

If your printer is relatively modern and supports network or WiFi sharing that is probably your best choice. Every printer handles this differently however you will need to look in the documentation to see how to do it. If your network router has a USB port you can also often share a printer through the network router. If you have neither of those things then you can use the Mac’s native sharing and to do that go to System Preferences on the computer that has the printer attached, turn on Printer Sharing and then enable sharing for the specific printer that you would like to share. Then on each of the Macs no matter how you have done this you will need to add the printer so the users can print to the shared printer from their Mac. As a matter of fact the steps for doing this on a Windows PC are exactly the same so there is nothing specific about using a Mac except where you go to turn on printer sharing and that is System Preferences.

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