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Monday, January 25, 2016

1629. Customizing the Sidebar in Finder on a Mac

I have some specific folders I need to use often when working on my Mac. How do I customize the sidebar and finder so that my special folders appear in the list of folders there?  

On the Mac the finder window is set up to display a list of your favorites in the sidebar. You can easily add new items to that list of favorites by dragging them from the finder window on the right to the sidebar on the left. If you are using an older version of Mac OS X you may find that you need to also press the option key while you attempt to drag it. But, on the latest versions, that is Yosemite and beyond, you can just drag them from Finder into the sidebar window and then they will be there the next time you start your computer or open a Finder window. This makes it a lot easier to get to the folders you need to get to. In Windows Explorer you can do the exact same thing. This isn’t specific behavior on the Mac.

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