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Monday, January 25, 2016

1630. Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 10

I recently tried to solve a problem with my Windows 10 computer and I tried to boot in the safe mode as I’ve done many times in Windows 7. I pressed and held the F8 key at boot up and nothing happens, it never goes into safe mode.

The ability to press F8 at startup has been there for a long time in Windows allowing you to boot into safe mode. The ability to boot into safe mode is still there in Windows 10, the problem is it’s turned off by default. If you want to be able to boot into safe mode there are a number of different ways you can do it. We have a link on our website to an article that explains all three. You can for example, go to the advanced start up options from the system menu and then choose to boot into safe mode. You can turn on the ability to boot into safe mode by pressing F8. All of these options are explained in the article linked from our website. The important thing to remember is, pressing F8 in Windows without making a change won’t do anything at all if you are running Windows 10.

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