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Monday, January 25, 2016

1659. Script errors when on Facebook.

When on a website, especially Facebook I get a pop up dialog identified as a script error. IE mostly but other browsers. What can I do.

This type of error is becoming more and more prevalent and it can happen with all browsers and is not limited to Facebook.

What is usually happening is your browser simply does not know how to display what the website wants. This is caused usually by the add-on extentions for browsers. The website authors want to do fancy things that the browser was not originally designed to display so the browser extension was created and now is causing the error.

Bottom line it is usually the websites problem.

But how can you get around the error so you don't miss that important Facebook article?

1. Try a different browser.
2. Make sure your operating system is current.
3. Make sure you have updated your browser with all of the latest fixes.

Our blog has some links you can go to to get around this problem.

IE fix

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