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Monday, January 25, 2016

1660. Windows lost password.

I forgot my Windows password. Is there any hope to access my system?

Well let's say Houston we have a problem.

1. If you have Windows 8 or higher and used the Windows account concept when setting up your system then you can

Reset Your Microsoft Account Password

If you don't use Windows 8, or do but login with a local account, the easiest way to get out of a "lost Windows password" predicament is to use your password reset disk - assuming of course you have one. You'll know if you do.

3.  Have an Administrator Change Your Password

The next easiest way to find a lost Windows password is to forget the idea of finding it at all! Just have one of the other users on your computer change your lost password for you. If you don't have another user this of course will not work.
This brings up a strong suggestion to add a second administrator user to your computer now and save the password information.  

4.  Guess Your Password

Don't laugh! I know this might seem like obvious advice and something I'm sure you think you've done already. 
The trick here is to make an educatedguess. Most passwords, even complicated and well designed ones, are inspired by the people, places, and things in the account holder's life.

5.  Hack Into Windows With a Password Recovery Tool

Hacking into Windows might sound dangerous, illegal, and too complicated but the reality is quite the opposite.
Windows password recovery tools are just software programs that you can freely download from various legitimate websites and then use to either find the lost Windows password or quickly reset/delete it, allowing you back in.

6.  Reset Your Password With This Trick

Okay, I admit, resetting your password with this trick might be slightly harder than actually pushing a "reset" button, but it's just short of guaranteed to work.
If downloading unfamiliar software, burning discs, or mastering flash drives doesn't sound like things you're interested in, give this a try. You'll have to do a little command-line work but all you'll need is access to your Windows installation or recovery media... and a little patience.

7.  Clean Install Windows

This is the option you really don't want to try but I include it here because it's a certain fix for a Windows lost password problem.
A clean install of Windows is a complete erasure of your hard drive, followed by a reinstallation of the Windows operating system. I have some great step-by-step tutorials linked below but the clean install process is time consuming and you lose everything in the process.
I have been able to take the hard drive out of the computer and install it as a second drive on another computer.  I used recovery software and was able to recover documents, pictures and most user data.  Then when I installed a new Windows system I added this data to the new user.  
Don't for get your password but now you know some things to do so you don't have to start from scratch.

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