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Sunday, February 7, 2016

1670. Force Shutdown on Surface Pro

Caroline asked "I was using my My Microsoft Surface Pro computer when all of a sudden my mouse froze". The keyboard as well. I couldn't even power the computer off. What should I have done to fix the problem? 

Microsoft Surface computer has been getting some very good reviews since they were release a couple of years ago. I have a Surface Pro 2 and have little to complain about.  

Occasionally it will have issues and freeze. I never had a problem where I couldn't just power it off and then on and everything was OK. Usually all it needs is a boot.  

However I did find that Caroline is not alone. When you notice this happening, try bringing up the Onscreen Keyboard(Keyboard icon in task bar). Make sure it is the full keyboard (which will show a Windows key between Ctrl & Alt on the left. Do you see any 'stuck' keys? They would show in white, as if they had been pressed. Try clicking on those stuck keys.  

If that doesn't work all you will need to do to get control of your Surface is to hold the Volume Up key together with the Power button and it will shut down!  

I have found that keeping the Surface up to date with the latest operating system fixes is also a good idea. If you still have Windows 8.1 or especially if you have Windows 8 installed please consider to upgrade to Windows 10. I have had no hardware issues with my Surface since upgrading to Windows 10.  

We have some special links on the web site that will help you with this issue and give you some guild-lines to upgrade to Windows 10.

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