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Sunday, February 7, 2016

1672. Handling Google Data after Your Demise

I have tons of online accounts, lets say Google as an example. I have a number of different things stored like calendar and email. If something were to happen to me like getting hit by a bus, I would like my loved ones to be able to get at my email.

Well this is really a much bigger issue that we could spend many TechTip minutes discussing but let's keep this one to Google.

Google is now thinking ahead and making it easy for people to plan on what happens to that Google data after you pass. The company has what they call its Inactive Account Manager. You I guess if I pass I would be somewhat inactive.

This tools will allow users to decide what happens to their data on Google services like Gmail, blogger, Google drive and more after they pass.

Instead of having someone try to contact Google the serives has what it calls an inactivity barameter. You can set this to 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, and if you don't log into your services after this time Google will do one of two things, You can have it allert up to 10 trusted friend or contacts and choose to share your data with them or you can also just have it set to delete your entire account.

The system will attempt to text or notify a secondary email service before taking action. 

This is a start but it is becoming big business to deal with cyber data and you should consider looking into this as we become more and more dependent on computers and social media.

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