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Sunday, March 13, 2016

1656. Send Faxes from Your Smart Phone

I work in an industry that still uses faxes. It would be so nice if I could send faxes from my smart phone, rather than having to print a document, fire up the ancient fax machine, and feed the paper through. Is there some way to send faxes directly from documents on my phone?

As you might guess we wouldn't be posting this question here If the answer was no.  Yes you can send faxes from your smartphone.  There are several apps that work on either Android or i O. S..  But as you also might guess.  There's no free lunch. 

There's no way to turn your phone into a fax machine sending and receiving lots of faxes for free.  There are several different services that allow you to send perhaps one fax or one page for free as a trial and in an emergency that's very helpful. 

All the apps out there that support faxing have a fee based service so that you can pay them, either in advance or per fax to send faxes from your phone.  Each service also supplies the ability to receive faxes on your phone.  In each case the faxes go through some fax server out there in the cloud somewhere and they come to you or get sent to those fax servers through an e-mail service.  

We have a link on our website that describes various services you can try.  For both Android and I O. S..  And they all seem to work.  I've tried at least one of them on I O.S.  And it worked well.  Check it out on our website.

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