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Sunday, March 13, 2016

1657. Run Android Apps on Windows

I have a bunch of Android apps that I love using on my phone; is there some way to run any of those on my PC as well?

Yes you can but you should understand that Android and Windows are very different operating systems, so you can't just load up an Android application on your Windows computer and run.  It doesn't work on MAC either. 

You can however use a technique called visualization.  This allows you to run an emulator for one kind of computer as a program on another.  A company named Blue Stacks has created the emulator for Android which you can run on a Windows P.C..  To check it out, visit and download their emulator. 

Once you do that you can load up the Google Play store and load almost any Android application to run on your Windows computer.  Now you should note that lots of Android apps are available in native Windows versions. 

For example, Netflix or any other large popular Android application should have a corresponding Windows version.  

But for applications that are Android specific Blue stacks can be really useful.  There's also a version of Blue stacks that runs on a Mac.  But the current version for Windows is a later version than the current one for the Mac.

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