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Sunday, March 13, 2016

1666. Problem Step Recorder for WIndows Tech Support

I often need to provide tech support for family members using Windows. This would be a whole lot easier if there was some way for them to show me what they did that caused the problem they're having. Do you have any suggestions?

Well of course if your friends or family had online access when the problem was occurring I would suggest something like Team Viewer or Go To My P.C..  Some remote viewing application. 

But my guess is the problem here is they have the problem that occurs and they can't get online or you're not available at the time they're having the problem.  So they want to record what they did and send it to you somehow and the answer is easy in Windows 7 or later. 

There's an application built into Windows called Problem Steps Recorder or PSR.  If you start that application on the computer that's having trouble, they'll be able to record the steps they followed that caused the problem, and at the end of recording, there is an option to send you a file that contains information about the problems that they're seeing. 

They can even easily add comments as they're recording.  To make it clear what they're doing.  Check out “Problem Steps Recorder”.  Search for PSR on your Windows computer.  Run it and give it a try.  If you're providing tech support for friends or family, this Windows application might really help.

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