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Sunday, March 13, 2016

1667. Opt out of WIndows 7/8 Upgrade to Windows 10

I'm running WIndows 7, and I'm happy with that. Every single day, Windows prompts me to upgrade to WIndows 10. I probably will, at some point, but I'll do it on my own schedule. Is there some way to turn off the irritating prompts?

I've already upgraded the windows 10 so I'm not seeing these annoying prompts but I have seen them on friends computers and they certainly do get in the way.  There is a simple solution for disabling the prompts but I should warn you that the free upgrade to Windows 10 is supposed to end in July of two thousand and sixteen.  So if you're going to do the upgrade you want to think about doing it before the summer of two thousand and sixteen. 

But if you just want to wait or don't ever want to do it there is a simple way to turn off the prompts.  It involves modifying the Windows registry.  Now that's not something that I would tell a normal user to do and if you're going to modify the registry you should back up your settings first, backup your entire computer first. 

It's unlikely you'll hurt anything by modifying the registry, but Doug and I agree that this is not something you want to take on lightly.  In any case it's just a few simple steps to turn off those prompts.  We have an article linked on our website will show you how to do it.  And once you've done it.  Hopefully Microsoft will just leave you alone about Windows 10.

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