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Sunday, March 13, 2016

1677. Start Watching a YouTube Video at a Specific Position

I recently sent a link to a YouTube video to a friend. I wanted the friend to start watching at a specific point in the video, and told her so. Is there some way to include that information in the link I sent, so that the video starts playing right where I wanted my friend to start watching?

There are a number of ways to copy a video U.R.L. and send it to a friend, and include the time information in that U.R.L.. 

Now normally when I'm sending a video link to a friend I just take the U.R.L. that I see in the U.R.L.  Bar in the browser copy it to the clipboard and paste it into an e-mail. 

But if you want to send the time code as well you have to do it slightly differently.  Instead right click on the video itself and you'll see in the context menu an item that says "Copy video U.R.L. at current time".  When you do that it copies to the clipboard a U.R.L. that includes the time code information.  So when you paste it into an e-mail and a friend opens that email and clicks on the link they'll start playing the video at the time you had selected. 

It's a simple solution and it works really well. Just you have to change the way you copy the video U.R.L.. Instead of copying it from the U.R.L. bar, right click instead.

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