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Sunday, March 6, 2016

1682. Watch out for Viral Tips that Can Hurt Your Device

I saw a news article explaining that there was this email going around to set their phones date to a specific date and by doing so something special was going to happen. And the fact is when people set their phone to that date it "bricks" their phone. 

Clearly we have a problem here. How do we avoid problems like this and what can they do about it right now?

Setting your IOS Devices set date to a certain date will in fact cause the phone to turn into a "brick" as Ken said. So don't even try to do this. Hopefully by the time you hear or read this tip Apple will have this issue fixed and you will not be able to do it.  

The important point of this tip is to remind you that your computers and other electonic devices like phones and tablets are important tools in our lives and listening to people suggest doing things that have no real purpose is foolish.

So we strongly recommend considering what the person is suggesting you do and why. Is this someone you can trust? Is it something that makes sense? Even if it is, give things some thought and do some research. Your phone is just that a very smart phone and an import tool in your life. Do not just try things because it sounds like it is something to do. And if your friend has done this to you, get the $500.00 from your friend and use that money to find new friends.

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