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Sunday, April 3, 2016

1689. Getting connected in Airports

I travel a lot, through lots of different airports. In each one, I have to worry about how to get connected. Some airports have airline lounges that have free Wifi--I just need to know the password. Is there some easy way to figure out how to get connected in every airport?

So you're one of those people that sits outside the airport lounge stealing the free Wi-Fi that they lounge members get. Well in any case there is free Wi-Fi available at lots of different airports and sometimes it's difficult to know how to get connected. What's most important is to connect to the real Wi-Fi I network because you'll find lots of fake ones in airports that people are using to steal information from you so it would be nice to know which Wi-Fi network to connect to. I found an application that does this and gives you the information you need. There are lots of apps there that handle travel information but this one seemed to have it all in one place. It's called FlyOh. There's also a website. that has information about the application. In any case it's available on Android and iPhone and it gives you lots of information about airports including food, options, and public transportation in and out of the airport. Check it out. I'll be using it next time I travel. That's for sure.

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