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Sunday, April 3, 2016

1691. Adjust Mouse Speed on Windows

I just bought a new mouse, and the scrolling speed seems completely wrong: Everything moves too quickly. Is there some way to manage the speed at which the mouse scroll wheel causes the screen to move?
Using a new mouse is similar to wearing new shoes—things very seldom feel like a perfect fit for a while. Moving the mouse scroll wheel up or down should make the text in the current document move up or down, but the speed at which it scrolls can be variable, depending on the design of the mouse and settings you make in Windows. We all have a scrolling speed with which we’re comfortable; anything else feels awkward.
The trick is to set the number of lines you want to scroll with each scroll of the mouse wheel. You can find this setting in different places, depending on the specific version of Windows you’re using. In Windows 10, in the Settings app, select Devices, and then Mouse and Touchpad. (Look for Mouse settings in Control Panel in earlier versions of Windows.) The default behavior is to scroll three lines for each scroll of the mouse wheel, and you can select a larger or smaller number. Try out your new settings before you close the window, of course.
The problem is that most new mice don’t have detents in the mouse scroll wheel, like older mice do. Because of this, it’s not completely clear what action corresponds to the number of lines you ask the mouse to scroll—it will take trial and error to get the value set correctly.
Also, be aware that if you have installed specific mouse driver software (and really, it’s very seldom necessary to do this) that mouse software might also have settings that interact with or conflict with the Windows settings. Make sure you check the settings in your mouse software, if you have installed it.

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