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Sunday, April 3, 2016

1692. Replace Ctrl-Alt-Delete on Mac

I'm a PC User moving to a Mac, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to replace the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keystroke that I'm used to using on my Windows PC. What's the magic trick?

For those of us that are old enough we recall that pressing control-alt-delete on a DOS. P.C. would just reboot the computer. These days in the Windows 10 world, press a control-alt-delete brings up a menu of options like logging out, restarting the computer, and bringing up task manager. 

All of these are available on a Mac but not by pressing the control-alt-delete keystroke. That doesn't do anything. 

If you want a task manager, or some way to kill applications that aren't running correctly, you can press, Option, Command, Escape and that brings up a dialog that allows you to kill running applications. 

If you want to restart your computer where you can get there from the Apple menu and choose, restart your computer. 

In any case the control-alt-delete keystroke doesn't work and doesn't do anything on a Mac. You'll need to have find replacements for that same keystroke. We have a link to an article on our website that shows various things you can get to that emulate the behavior of control-alt-delete. But stop trying on the Mac. It doesn't do anything.

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