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Sunday, April 3, 2016

1693. Airport X-Ray Scanners and Phones

I travel often, and worry about airport scanners interacting with my phone. Is there danger involved in scanning my phone at the airport?

You know I'm a pretty proficient pianist and pretty good at computers, but I cannot claim to be an expert at Xray technologies.

On the other hand I've done some research into this and in my non-technical research what I found out is that your phone is at more danger of getting bombarded by Xrays once it's on the plane then it is when it's going through the Xray machine at the airport. 

They've designed the security machines to be as minimally invasive to your technology as possible and the real issue is once you're up in the air you have less protection from Xrays and other magnetic particles then you do in the Xray machine.

So stop worrying about it. Just put it on the tray. Let it go through. It'll be fine.

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