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Sunday, April 3, 2016

1697. Quickies

Doug had this great idea just to do quick tips. Tom wants to call them. Quickies. I think it's more like. Little tips. Here's one of Doug's quick tips. Let us know what you think?

The idea is to provide some short quick tips throughout the day.  We will try to mix up the platforms to include Mac's, PC's, and all the mobile devices.  Here are two quick tips for you to try.

The first is:

On your iPad make your typing easier by switching the keyboard to thumb mode by :
Simply swipe two fingers across the keyboard. This displays a different keyboard, which allows you to type with your thumbs the same way you type on your iPhone.

The second quick tip is:

If you put your phone on airplane mode, it will charge twice as fast.
If you would like us to do some quick tips email us at

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