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Sunday, April 3, 2016

1699. Facebook Pop up

Recently I've noticed that when I visit a lot of websites I see the little pop up on the side of the screen with an image for Facebook and Twitter and other sharing services. I can't seem to get rid of it. Is there something I can do it's really annoying?

For what I can tell, this doesn’t sound like a feature that you can turn on or off. I suspect that the website that you’re visiting is displaying the pop-up on purpose.

Many sites, including provide information completely free. The way that they pay their costs  is typically via advertising. Advertising depends on site popularity, and popularity depends on getting more and more people to visit the site.

They want you to share what you find interesting and helpful with other people so more people visit the site, plain and simple.

With the social media so popular this is a common way to share the information.  Thus the links are put on the web sites. They are put there by the websites you’re visiting.

Pop-UP blockers are the only way.  But that may limit things you want to see.  

Ultimately information is all over the Internet so if a site is annoying let them know and go somewhere else.

There are links on our website for you to read more on your options.  And we don't do pop-ups.

Read more:

How do I block any trace of Facebook from my computer? Blocking Facebook from your computer is ultimately not possible. There are a few steps you can take to manage how it affects your life, including not letting it bug you.

How do I get rid of these new banner ads and tabs that pop up on websites? Pop-up blockers are designed to catch new pages from popping up off a website, but sometimes, they might not be able to grab ad features that are a part of the website itself.

How do I get rid of ‘Like’, ‘Send’, ‘Share,’ and so on, that slow down so many web pages? It’s the website that you’re visiting that’s putting those social icons there, and there’s really no way for you to turn them off.

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