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Sunday, May 22, 2016

1707. Use a picture as a password

I saw someone with a phone and a picture on it. They then would draw something and allow them to get into the phone. Is there someway to do that with Windows?

Yes Windows has the ability to use a picture as a password. If you have Windows 8 or higher the ability to specify using a picture as an alternative password is easy to implement.

You go into the Settings, Accounts, Sign-In options and there you can change your regular password, PIN code as an alternative password, and a Picture Password. You must know the current password to access this function.

Simply chose a picture and then three gestures on the picture. These can be TAPS, circles, lines, and more. You will need to test the gestures to verify and then the next time you log in you can use the picture as the way to "enter" your password.

Some people think this is not a very secure way to allow access to your computer. Similar to using "password" as your "password.

I like it.

And you do not need a touch screen to use this technique. Your mouse can be used to enter the gestures.

Read on our web site the articles about the security concerns.

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