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Sunday, May 22, 2016

1710. Upgrade a slow server.

We have a business computer with Windows server 2003. It is running very slowly and it is getting slower. What can I do?

Well there are a number of things you can do to resurrect an old computer. This tips are not necessarily limited to a server.

I was surprised when I looked at my clients old server. It was Windows Server 2003. This is of the same vintage as the XP operating system for workstations.  

The thing I first noticed was the physical memory. It had 2GB of memory. You don't think much about this because most new computers you buy have a minimum of 4GB of memory, and most offer 8GB for very little up-cost.

So here are things that I would do with older computers to improve performance:

1. Increase memory to at least 8GB.
2. Replace the hard drives with SSD drives. These are all electronic drives and are much faster than the old spinning drive. Even replacing the old spinning drive with new faster drives will be a significant improvement and very inexpensive.
Re-installing the OS is also something that you can do. This is usually more effective on workstations because they are more vol-ital, but it is something to consider.

Give these a try. I believe you will be surprised on what a few hundred dollars in hardware can do to implove your computer experience.

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