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Sunday, May 22, 2016

1711. Computer without a DVD

My new computer does not have a DVD drive. How can I install software? 

Installing Windows without a DVD drive or any software that has a DVD install can be difficult with new computers. Most new computers just do not have DVD's.

Fortunately they all have USB ports. Make sure your has a USB 3.0 drive at the very least.

If you already have Windows installed, then you do not need a DVD drive to install software that is in the ISO format. All you need to do is to Mount the ISO file and Windows makes it look like you have a DVD drive.

There are software utility programs that allow you to generate the installation requirements to allow you to make the USB thumb drive or any USB drive into an installation device like a DVD. Do a search for ISO to USB.

Now adays you have the option to download the ISO install file directly to you computer. Mount the file and you are ready to install.

If you have a DVD obviously you will need to borrow a friends computer that has a DVD drive and then find a utulity to copy the DVD to a USB drive or to an ISO file you can copy to your computer. You can also buy a portable USB DVD drive and just use it when necessary.

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