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Sunday, July 10, 2016

1701. Change the Default Downloads Folder on Mac

I'm using Safari on the Mac, and would love to be able to store downloaded files in a folder that I have created, not the default Downloads folder. How can I change the built-in behavior, so I can indicate the folder where I want to save downloads? I completely get this question because when I download things I like to store them often in my Dropbox folder so I have them all for later use.

It's easy to make this change in Safari all you have to do is go to the preferences menu in the upper left hand corner, choose the general preferences and from there you can select the downloads folder. You can choose any existing folder or you can create a new folder into which to place your downloaded files.

By default they go into your Downloads folder which is a perfectly reasonable place to put them. But if you want to place download somewhere else you have that control. He should be able to do this with almost any browser. Just look to the preferences for a place where you can specify the download folder.

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