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Sunday, July 10, 2016

1713. Automatically Route iPhone Calls to the Speaker

I most often use the speaker on my iPhone during the day, and for every call I make or receive, I have to press the little speaker icon. Is there some way to make my phone automatically route calls to the speaker, so I can bypass fiddling with that button every time? This is a common problem when I'm driving I want all my calls routed to the speaker phone. When Doug is running around town he uses his bluetooth headset it would like all calls to come in and go out from his bluetooth headset.

It's easy to make this change but you have to know where to look. It's not obvious on your iPhone. Go to your settings application, choose general then find, accessibility in the accessibility settings. Scroll down till you find the call audio routing option, select that and then you can choose automatic which is the default Bluetooth headset or speaker.

Once you've made that choice all incoming and outgoing calls including Face Time calls will use that selected audio device. When you're done you can set it back to automatic and then it will use the default options on the phone instead. This is a quick easy way to select the default incoming and outgoing audio device. So you don't have to tap your phone one extra time to make or receive a call.

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