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Sunday, July 10, 2016

1714. Some Android Apps Cause Huge Data Consumption

I recently added a few new apps to my Android phone, and all of a sudden, my data usage has skyrocketed. I didn’t expect these applications to consume any data at all, but clearly, one or more of these apps is doing something I’m not aware of. What’s up? How can this happen? Although I'm intrigued by Android phone and some of them are awfully slick looking and certainly their price is better than other devices.

I must say that, well I told you so. You can say what you like about Apple's applications and its phones but at least their applications are curated. You go to the App Store on an Apple device and download an application you can be pretty sure that someone at Apple has looked at the application has verify that it doesn't do nasty things to your phone.

That cannot be said for Android applications which can come from any source. You can load them from any place at all and anyone could have written them and anyone could have added code to that application to do nasty things to your phone.

Although the applications have to request your permission to use various bits of hardware in the device for example an application has to get your permission to use the microphone, the G.P.S., your contacts, and so on. Most people just blindly give that permission and once you give that permission you have no control over what the application does. And what applications are known for being somewhat, what's the word spiky, and you really can't be sure what it's going to do with your device.

We have a link to an article on our website which lists ten of the worst Android applications that are most popular right now that is "Things You Should NEVER install". You can use that list to help decide whether or not you should install an Android application but beware any Android application can use whatever data it once once you give it that permission.

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