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Sunday, July 10, 2016

1716. Determine Download Speed

I use Netflix often, and find it very enjoyable except when it spends most of its time buffering. There are some days when my internet connection works fine, and others when it seems awfully slow. Is there some way for me to determine my current connection speed, so I can determine whether or not it's a good time to watch Netflix?

It's true some days Netflix works great. Other days it doesn't work as well in the rural community where I happen to live I share my bandwith with a lot of other people and if everyone's watching Netflix at the same time things aren't going well in our house. 
I have a couple of websites I use for testing download speed one of them was I used it for a longtime but it uses Flash and so it's not compatible with my I.O.'s devices and to be honest I don't like having Flash enabled on my computers. I found a few others they work really great. First of all Netflix itself has created a new website I don't even want to think what they had to pay to get that domain name but in any case it's a very quick and easy way for you to determine if Netflix is going to work well if you want more information. 
I found another great one at this site gives you a whole lot of information including whether your current network speed will work for things like Skype or voice over IP. In addition to Netflix and other audio streaming check out one of those if you want to determine how well your band with matches what your I.S.P. says you should be getting. That's or

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