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Sunday, July 10, 2016

1718. Use Preview to Resize Images on a Mac

I use a Mac, and find that I sometimes need to resize a bunch of images for my work. In the past, I loaded each image, one at a time, and saved a resized version. Is there some easy way to resize them all at once?

This problem can crop up if you're trying to create a website for example where you need to downsize the size of your images that you're placing on the website. Certainly you can do these one at a time or look for an application which handles batch resizing.  I think I paid for one at one point and I probably used it once or twice but it turns out there's a free and easy way to do this on the Mac.
The application named Preview is one that we often overlook thinking it's just for looking at P.D.F. files but it's not Preview is also a great application for editing and viewing images. If you select a number of images at once in Finder right click and open those images in Preview, you can then resize all of the selected images at once and save them back to your hard drive in a new size. 
You might want to make them all have a width of six hundred forty pixels for example or something like that and Preview can do this for you, So rather than looking for an application that can do batch resizing make use of one you have on your Mac and it's free. Take a look at Preview for working with multiple images concurrently.

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