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Sunday, July 10, 2016

1719.Get More Desktop Space with Virtual Desktops

I'm running Windows 10 on a laptop and I don't have much real estate on my monitor. I would love to be able to move those applications off the edges and still have them available when I need them.  Is there some way to make that happen?

Have you noticed that icon that looks like two panels, one over the other on the left side of your Windows 10 task bar?

Well this allows you to set up what they call virtual desktops.

Simply click on the icon and you will see two desktop images on the bottom of your screen and above you will see the images of all of the applications on that desktop.

To the right of the current desktop icon will be another desktop icon.  If you click on that icon all the images of the applications on that desktop will be seen.  Initially of course there will be no applications.  

Click back on the desktop 1 icon and then drag an application from that desktop on top of the desktop 2 image.  That application will now be seen only when you chose desktop 2.

You can create effectively any number of desktops and drag the applications from one to another.

I suggest giving the virtual desktop feature a try and see how you can arrange your workspace on a limited size monitor.

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