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Monday, August 1, 2016

1736. Tips for Microsoft

I get some good ideas about Windows. I am sure our listeners do as well. How can we tell MS about them?

Yes Ken, Microsoft needs to listen to you. I have a better idea, why don't we have our listeners send their ideas to Microsoft.

Actually you can send your ideas to Microsoft. There of course is no guarantee that they will listen, but I think people should try.

In Windows 10, you can install the Feedback Hub App and send feedback to Microsoft.  In Windows 10 click the Windows key and type Feedback.  You will get a link to sign into the MS app Store and download a program. Give this a try.
If you join the Windows Insider Program, you will occasionally receive emails from Microsoft that ask you to take a survey (I have receive received two). You can express your pleasure or displeasure with specific aspects of Windows on varying scales, and there are usually some free form text fields that you can use to say anything you like.
Even if nothing happens at least you can say you have given them your ideas.  Ken I know you will change the Microsoft world.

1735, View the Windows desktop

In Windows 7 I always need something on my desktop but I can never find things, Is there a way to view the desktop a better way?

Ken knows that my desktop has way too many items on it. Not a good way to organize it.

So for me this is a requirement. All you need to do is a simple change to the taskbar. Right-click on the taskbar, and choose Properties, to launch the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog. Under the Toolbars tab, check off the Desktop button.

Now on the taskbar you have a Menu item named Desktop.  All you now need to do is click on this menu and you will get a submenu of all of the items on your desktop.

This list as mine is still very long and a little hard to navigate, but it is so much better than trying to find things on the desktop.  Yes I should clean up my desktop and organize it, but it is still so much better.

Give this a try. Works in Windows 10 as well

1734. Submenu access Windows 7

I always go to the Control panel in Windows 7 and to sub menus, Is there an easy way to get to these submenus.

If you’re any kind of PC nerd, like we are, you spend way too much time inside the Windows Control Panel. One of the issues we’ve had with past versions of Windows was the several layers of clicks you’d have to negotiate to get into the depths of Control Panel—especially with the Category as opposed to Classic view of the panel that was the default with Vista.
In Windows 7, you can set up the OS to allow you direct access to individual Control Panel items straight from the Start menu. To set this up, right-click the Start button in the taskbar, and choose Properties from the resulting context menu. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box that pops up, click the Start Menu tab, then the Customize button. Under the subcategory named Control Panel on the next screen, choose Display as a menu
Now you can click on Control Panel and have as submenu items all of the items as menus.  Easy to access with a simple click.

1733. Open DOCX in Old Version of Office

Believe it or not, some people still use Office 2003, If you do and can't ope DOCX what can you do?

Unless you’ve updated your PC to Microsoft Office 2007 or Word 2007, you might be confounded on occasion if you’re presented with a file with the DOCX extension. (DOCX is the native word-processing file format that the latest version of Word uses.)
Rather than installing Microsoft’s Compatibility Packs, you can use the Windows 7’s version of WordPad to open DOCX. WordPad from the Start menu, go to All Programs > Accessories > WordPad. Once you're in WordPad, you can simply use the Open command to open a DOCX file.
You can then save that file in the DOC format and you should not lose any critical formatting.  
If you do want to get the Compatibility Pack, go to the link in our blog or search for DOCX Compatibility Pack.

1732. Mounting ISO files in Windows 10

I sometimes get an ISO file that I need to read. It is a file image of a CD/DVD. On my Mac all I have to do is click on the file and it "mounts" the file and I can process it just like a CD/DVD. I had to get a third party application in Windows 7 to do this. Will I need to do that with Windows 10 as well?

No. All you need to do with Windows 10 is double click n the ISO file or right button click and select "Mpunt".

You will now see that file as if it is a CD/DVD. It is about time.

For people that still use Windows 7 you can download a FREE "Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel" from Microsoft. There is a link on our blog to get this great utility. Or search the web for "Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel".

There is software that will also generate a thumb drive that you can also use as a CD/DVD. Since many new laptops do not have a built in CD/DVD drive. This software is So you can go to that web site and download the software to make that task easy.

1731. Cute PDF Windows 10 options

I use CutePDF, Does Windows 10 still need it?

Well the good news is Windows 10 has a built in printer that will create a PDF file.

Your question is do you still need to install a third party printer that will generate a PDF file?

Well Microsoft has finally decided to give up making you try to use the XPS file format (Almost like the PDF format). And now they support native ability to generate a PDF file via printer functions.

Simply from any file program, you can select File, Print and choose the "Print as a PDF" printer option. This can be done from Word, Excel and most any file application. It does not have to be a text type file either. Pictures can be "printed" to a PDF format.

Just give it a file name and SAVE it. You can then copy that file as an attachment like to an email and you can now share the PDF with anyone.

I still have CutePDF installed on my Windows 10 computers and use it most of the time. Old dog, new tricks.

So if you still have Windows 7, or XP, or even Vista install CUTEPDF. If you have Windows 10 think about having both.