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Monday, August 1, 2016

1731. Cute PDF Windows 10 options

I use CutePDF, Does Windows 10 still need it?

Well the good news is Windows 10 has a built in printer that will create a PDF file.

Your question is do you still need to install a third party printer that will generate a PDF file?

Well Microsoft has finally decided to give up making you try to use the XPS file format (Almost like the PDF format). And now they support native ability to generate a PDF file via printer functions.

Simply from any file program, you can select File, Print and choose the "Print as a PDF" printer option. This can be done from Word, Excel and most any file application. It does not have to be a text type file either. Pictures can be "printed" to a PDF format.

Just give it a file name and SAVE it. You can then copy that file as an attachment like to an email and you can now share the PDF with anyone.

I still have CutePDF installed on my Windows 10 computers and use it most of the time. Old dog, new tricks.

So if you still have Windows 7, or XP, or even Vista install CUTEPDF. If you have Windows 10 think about having both.

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