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Monday, August 1, 2016

1732. Mounting ISO files in Windows 10

I sometimes get an ISO file that I need to read. It is a file image of a CD/DVD. On my Mac all I have to do is click on the file and it "mounts" the file and I can process it just like a CD/DVD. I had to get a third party application in Windows 7 to do this. Will I need to do that with Windows 10 as well?

No. All you need to do with Windows 10 is double click n the ISO file or right button click and select "Mpunt".

You will now see that file as if it is a CD/DVD. It is about time.

For people that still use Windows 7 you can download a FREE "Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel" from Microsoft. There is a link on our blog to get this great utility. Or search the web for "Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel".

There is software that will also generate a thumb drive that you can also use as a CD/DVD. Since many new laptops do not have a built in CD/DVD drive. This software is So you can go to that web site and download the software to make that task easy.

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