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Monday, August 1, 2016

1733. Open DOCX in Old Version of Office

Believe it or not, some people still use Office 2003, If you do and can't ope DOCX what can you do?

Unless you’ve updated your PC to Microsoft Office 2007 or Word 2007, you might be confounded on occasion if you’re presented with a file with the DOCX extension. (DOCX is the native word-processing file format that the latest version of Word uses.)
Rather than installing Microsoft’s Compatibility Packs, you can use the Windows 7’s version of WordPad to open DOCX. WordPad from the Start menu, go to All Programs > Accessories > WordPad. Once you're in WordPad, you can simply use the Open command to open a DOCX file.
You can then save that file in the DOC format and you should not lose any critical formatting.  
If you do want to get the Compatibility Pack, go to the link in our blog or search for DOCX Compatibility Pack.

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