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Monday, August 1, 2016

1734. Submenu access Windows 7

I always go to the Control panel in Windows 7 and to sub menus, Is there an easy way to get to these submenus.

If you’re any kind of PC nerd, like we are, you spend way too much time inside the Windows Control Panel. One of the issues we’ve had with past versions of Windows was the several layers of clicks you’d have to negotiate to get into the depths of Control Panel—especially with the Category as opposed to Classic view of the panel that was the default with Vista.
In Windows 7, you can set up the OS to allow you direct access to individual Control Panel items straight from the Start menu. To set this up, right-click the Start button in the taskbar, and choose Properties from the resulting context menu. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box that pops up, click the Start Menu tab, then the Customize button. Under the subcategory named Control Panel on the next screen, choose Display as a menu
Now you can click on Control Panel and have as submenu items all of the items as menus.  Easy to access with a simple click.

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