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Monday, August 1, 2016

1736. Tips for Microsoft

I get some good ideas about Windows. I am sure our listeners do as well. How can we tell MS about them?

Yes Ken, Microsoft needs to listen to you. I have a better idea, why don't we have our listeners send their ideas to Microsoft.

Actually you can send your ideas to Microsoft. There of course is no guarantee that they will listen, but I think people should try.

In Windows 10, you can install the Feedback Hub App and send feedback to Microsoft.  In Windows 10 click the Windows key and type Feedback.  You will get a link to sign into the MS app Store and download a program. Give this a try.
If you join the Windows Insider Program, you will occasionally receive emails from Microsoft that ask you to take a survey (I have receive received two). You can express your pleasure or displeasure with specific aspects of Windows on varying scales, and there are usually some free form text fields that you can use to say anything you like.
Even if nothing happens at least you can say you have given them your ideas.  Ken I know you will change the Microsoft world.

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