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Sunday, October 9, 2016

1703. Easily Find Email Attachments in iOS

I'm sure that a friend sent me an attachment to an email, and I can't find it now because it's buried somewhere in my inbox. Is there some easy way to just look at all the attachments in my inbox on my iPhone?

Not only is it possible it's really easy from within your mail application. Choose edit in the upper right hand corner, then attachments, then click done. 

Now you'll see a new folder in your inbox that contains all the emails that have attachments. You can use that folder to browse just the attachments and find the item that your friend sent you. This is also a useful tip if you just want to see all your unread messages or perhaps your flag to messages. Those options are also available on the list of available folders. 
Check it out edit. The list of folders and you can see just your attachments.

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