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Saturday, October 8, 2016

1738.Uninstall Unwanted Windows 10 Applications

Based on your suggestion, I replaced the hard drive in my computer with a solid state drive (SSD), and to save money, I got an SSD that’s not terribly large. Once I upgraded to Windows 10, I found that it didn’t have a whole lot of free space. I also see that Windows 10 has installed some applications that I know I’ll never use. I’ve been able to uninstall some of those, but some provide no visible means of removal. Can you help me clear out some drive space?

There are actually a couple things going on here. If you just don't want to see the application on your Start menu, you can right click on the icon for the application and choose unpinned from start. That won't uninstall the application but it will remove it from the start menu.

For some built in applications you can right click on the icon in the Start menu and choose uninstall. For others, you can't. For those that you can't find any other means of uninstalling we use an application called Ccleaner. If you search the web for that Ccleaner you'll find a Windows application that will allow you to uninstall any application. It's a free tool and it's useful for lots of different purposes on your Windows computer. Check out Ccleaner to help you an install applications that you know you'll never use.

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