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Saturday, October 8, 2016

1740.Block Annoying Texters and Callers on iPhone

I seem to be getting a lot of unwanted texts on my iPhone. Some are from a particular someone I simply don’t want to hear from; others are from random strangers. I know I can simply disregard these texts, but I’d love to be able to block the messages so I never see them at all. Does the iPhone provide some way to do this, or do I need to involve my mobile phone company?

I'm always amazed when I hear from people that keep their phone next to them on their bedside table and don't turn off the ringer at night. So if you text them in the middle of the night they complain that you've woken them up. There's lots of ways around that including a do not disturb mode so I have no sympathy for you. 

On the other hand if you have an old girlfriend or someone who is bothering you, Doug, then you might want to have some way to block callers from getting through to you either on Face Time calls, voice calls, or texts and it's possible for all three. 

If I start with voice calls how do you block someone from calling you then what you need to do is look at the recent stab in the phone app, select the call you want to block and tap the little I icon to the right of that call. Once you do that you'll get information about the caller and if you scroll down to the bottom, you'll see the option to block the contact. 

To block text from a person it's pretty much the same. If you find the thread of the text that you've had with that person maybe just the one text they sent you and click the details link at the top of the message then on the details page next to the name of the person sending the text you can tap on the little I, and again choose block color.

In the FaceTime application you would locate the call from the person you'd like to avoid, tap the little icon next to the name, scroll to the bottom of the info page, and tap on block this caller. 

You see a pattern here? In every case you look for details about the communication, click on the little I icon and find the block this callerr link. 

Once you've done that the phone will just disregard messages or phone calls or Face Time calls from that person. Hopefully you won't have to do this often but if you need to block calls or texts, there's an easy way to do it.

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