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Saturday, October 8, 2016

1741. Share Contacts Between Multiple Google Accounts

I have several Google accounts; one for work, one for home, plus a few more. I have a bunch of contacts set up in my work Google account, and I’d love to have a subset of those available in my home account. That way, it’s easy to send emails to my contacts even when I’m home, using my home email account. Is there some way to copy selected contacts from one account to another?

This is actually my question because I actually do have multiple Google accounts and I need to share contacts between them. You think that Google would make this easy but yet they do not. 

The trick is to go to the account where you have the contacts, open up the GMail for that account and then select contacts from the list of options in the upper left hand corner of the Gmail window. Once you're looking at your contacts you can choose the option to export those contacts and that's the trick. You're going to export them to the delimited text file and then import them into the other account. So you can choose to export them all or just a subset. Just follow the menu options it's pretty clear how to do it.

Once you've saved a text file containing your contacts,  log out of this account,  log into the other GMail account and go to the same place, that is to the list of contacts. Most likely there aren't any. Now you can choose the option to import your contacts. Find that same text file you save the contacts into and import them. Using this technique you can load those contacts into as many Google accounts as you want. You should note however that you're not synchronizing those contacts. If you add a contact in the one account. It won't show up in the any other. 

There are tools available online to keep Google contact accounts synchronized. I've tried a few. Some work some don't. I've decided just to do this manually instead. But if you want to do this regularly check out a tool that will let you synchronize your Google contacts from one account to another. I won't recommend any particular one. I haven't had great luck with any of them.

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