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Saturday, October 8, 2016

1742.Protect notes in iOS 9.3

I use the Notes app in iOS 9, and I love all the new features. I'd like to protect some notes so someone that picks up my phone can't look at them. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes the new Notes app an I O. S. 9 is really sweet. They've added a lot of features and it's become a relatively good competitor to OneNote and Evernote. 

If you want to lock a particular note it's really easy. Find the note in question, tap the little Share button at the moment that looks like a box with an arrow sticking out the top they change that icon every now and then. And tap the lock note option. Now enter a password.

If you want you can also enable unlocking the item with your touch ID if your phone has a touch ID, That makes it super easy to open the note later without having to enter the password.

Encrypting a single node is very simple and I O. S. 9. You just have to tell it to do it and enter a pass code.

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