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Saturday, October 8, 2016

1743. Rogue installs.

Connie is always claiming there are new programs that appear on her computer and she says she is not installing them. These programs are usually the kind that claim they find registry problems or new viruses and they will fix these problems for you. All you have to do is sign up. Of course this always costs money. How is this happening.

I have seen this many times myself. I find that some web sites you go to that you want to download a new application from, sneaks in other applications that you really don't want.

One web site especially is CNET. It has many good applications that you may legitimately want. When you start to download that application there will be pages that appear that have the Download button on them. You think you need to press this button to get your original application you wanted, but what you end up with are additional applications you do not want or need.

These web site are very misleading and sneaky . You must read them very carefully so you only download what you originally expected. Often times the default check boxes on the pages will also download additional applications. Buyer beware. Read these details very carefully.

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