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Saturday, October 8, 2016

1749.Remove Formatting from Windows Clipboard Text (ALREADY USED IN UNION)

I often copy and paste content from Web pages, with varying degrees of success. Most often, when I attempt to paste the content into a document, the Web page formatting looks terrible in my Word document. Is there some way to paste content without all the formatting?

This is a common problem because Microsoft Word attempts to faithfully recreate the formatting from the host location of the text. One alternative is to open up Notepad. Paste the text there first then copy and then paste it into Word. Once you've removed all the formatting because Notepad doesn't support any kind of formatting. 

There is an easier solution though. Instead of just pasting directly in the Microsoft Word you can choose the Edit menu and then choose Paste Special. The Paste Special menu item provides an option to paste unformatted text in the Microsoft Word. That removes all the formatting for you and you get just the text. If that's your goal. You can use that technique instead.

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