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Saturday, October 8, 2016

1754. Turn off Windows 10 Advertising

I installed Windows 10, and I'm already super tired of all the obvious and glaring advertising going on in the product. I see ads on the lock screen, and suggested apps in the app store. Is there some way to turn some of this irritating advertising off?

There's no magic bullet to turn off all the advertising in Windows 10, and you may not even see the advertising, but if you do and you want to turn it off, you might check out the link on our website. 

I'll try to summarize some of that here. You can disable ads on the lock screen by going to Settings, personalization, and then lock screen, and you'll find an option to change the background to picture or slide show instead of the default which is Windows spotlight. 

Windows spotlight will serve up ads to you. You can turn off suggested apps from appearing in the Start menu. To do that you want to go to settings, then personalization, then start and set the occasionally "so suggestions in start setting" to off. Again all these are listed in an article link on our site. 

You can get rid of other things like nagging tips, or having Cortana bouncing on the taskbar. I don't ever talk to my computer I don't want her to bother me as I'm using Windows 10. 

There's also a lot of notifications that offer you to get Microsoft Office and if you don't want it that can be irritating too. If you go to settings, then system, then notifications and actions, you'll have an option to set notifications for the get Office app to off. That is an application that runs on Windows whether you want it or not and it nags you to go out and get a copy of Microsoft Office. These are just a few of the settings you can modify if you want to get rid of the nagging ads in Windows 10.

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