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Sunday, October 9, 2016

1755.Power Strip vs UPS

I live in a rural area and the first time it rains or snows, our phones always goes out and often we loose power. I am wondering what happens to the sensitive computer equipment when the poser goes out then suddenly comes back on. How can I avoid any problems?

In short you should be concerned. Sometimes flickering power is worse than just loosing power for a longer period. The power strips frankly are of no help other than providing additional plugs.

If you want to protect your computer you need a UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply. To be most effective you want to make sure it is also connected to your computer so it will shut the computer down gracefully when the battery power is running out. Otherwise it would be not much different than pulling the plug.

You want to make sure the UPS has enough power to run the computer long enough for you to close down the computer (remember the power needed to run the monitor). A good UPS must protect your equipment from the power spikes.

So in summary. The power strip is only a multiple plug extender. They are not really meant to protect the equipment from power spikes and surges. Get a UPS that provides enough power to gracefully shut down your computer (remember the monitor). And the UPS needs to be able to communicate with the computer to tell it to shut itself down.

Set your bios to turn on automatically when power returns. If you have the time and are aware of a significant electrical storm coming I manually shut down my computers and unplug them from power. But I am paranoid.

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