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Sunday, October 9, 2016

1756. Windows 7 Updates Take Forever

I have a friend tht has an aging Windows 7 computer and she wanted me to install things over to make things new and clean. I did the reinstall and that worked. But it has been trying to do the normal upgrades and it has been running for many hours now. Will this ever complete ore is there some trick to get the Windows 7 upgrade to ever complete?

This is a problem. If you search the internet for Windows update takes forever or never completes you will find horror stories. Now this is not a normal problem for Windows 7 computers that have been running for years.

It only seems to be a problem for new installs. My suggestion is if you don't need to reinstall Windows 7 from scratch don't. If you do because of disk failure and you haven't followed our suggestion to have image backups, then find a Windows 7 install file that does not include the Service Pack 1 included. It is this version of the fresh install that experiences the biggest problem.

If you get the install file without SP1 and go through the updates even though it must do the updates included in SP1 it is much faster. A time estimate of doing the current updates starting from the original install files is about 12 hours.

If you must start with the install files that include SP1 I have seen the updates run for more that 2 days. Yes it is that bad. Some people think this is Microsoft's way to make you upgrade to Windows 10. They gave you months to upgrade for free. Now you must pay. I don't really think this is the case, but be aware of the time it may take you to rebuild your Windows 7 computer.

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