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Sunday, December 4, 2016

1762. Change the Formatting of Bulleted and Numbered Lists in Microsoft Word

I can’t figure out how lists work in Microsoft Word. I really want a particular font for the numbers in my list, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t find any settings that control this. Sometimes, I want to use a specific font for the bullets in a bulleted list, as well. Again, I can’t find any setting that controls this behavior. Can you help?

Goodness knows Microsoft Word is a complicated beast and this feature is so well hidden that no one would find it on their own. There isn't a setting that controls what you're looking for instead. Instead Microsoft hides the formatting for bullets and numbers in lists in the paragraph marker for each item in the list.

You can't see that paragraph marker by default. However you need to turn on the display of hidden characters which you can do from the toolbar. It's a little button that looks like a paragraph marker which is a backwards P with an extra vertical stem.

Once you've click that button you'll see all these little things all over your document which are the paragraph markers. If you select the paragraph marker for any item in a list you can change the font or the font size or any other feature of that paragraph marker and it you'll immediately see the changes you've made reflected in the number or the bullet for that list item.

That's the only way to make this happen. So you'll have to turn on the display of hidden characters and then modify the features of the paragraph marker for each item in your list.

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