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Sunday, December 4, 2016

1765. Send Email to Yourself

On my phone, I often want to send myself an email message. It seems really silly to have to type my email address, or even part of it, into the To: field every single time. Is there some shortcut for sending email to myself?

To be honest I do this every single day. I use reminders really I do but sometimes I just want to have it in my inbox because that's what I use for my To Do list daily.

I looked into applications that allow you to send yourself e-mail there are such applications on every phone platform but they have a problem. They either require to hook up into your email application on your phone or worse they ask you for your credentials including your password which I don't want to give to some application I just downloaded.

I did discover a neat trick for this however. On the iPhone I can easily create custom keyboard shortcut and you can do the same on Windows Phone or Android. I've set up a shortcut so that I can type just a simple phrase like @@ into the To field and it expands to be my e-mail address. So if I want to send myself an e-mail, I just type in the To field @@ and then it inserts my email address for me. You can try something like this on any phone operating system and it makes it easy to create an e-mail that you send to yourself. I really suggest you don't use one of the applications whose only purpose in life is to send you an email. It will be more trouble than it's worth.

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