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Sunday, December 4, 2016

1768. Schedule update reboots

How can I schedule when Windows schedules thereboot of my computer after updates?

Well if you have the Windows 10 annivesery Update installed you can't really schedule a time to reboot. You can set the Active hours feature.

Open the Settings option in the Start menu, then head to Update and Security. and then Windows Update. Click Advanced options. Then click the Notify to schedule restart.

You will see that a restart is scheduled and you will have the options to schedule the restart at the time suggested or you can specify a date/time. There should also be a restart "now" option.

Clearly Microsoft has decided to take much of the control for doing upgrades away from you but you still can manually make some decisions. In the same area you can also check to Defer upgrades. Security upgrades will still be applied but others will be deferred until you allow them to be upgraded.

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