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Sunday, December 4, 2016

1769. Virtual Desktop option?

How do I use the Virtual Desktop option?

This is a feature in Windows 10 that I need to use more often. If you have many Windows open like I do you should also look at this feature. It allows you to have the ability to group these Windows into different views or what they call virtual desktops.

On the task bar to the left just two icons to the right of the start menu is an icon that looks like a TV screen with square ears. This is the Virtual Desktop icon. Go ahead and just click it.

You will see each of your open windows appear in the top portion of your screen and on the bottom it will identify the Desktops you have defined. There will be two. The current one called Desktop 1 and a potential called Desktop 2. Too the right will be an icon to add more desktops.

Simply select the desktop you want to view. You can drag and drop your windows to the other desktops. Once you have defined your desktop can click on it and that view of your computer will now be your current virtual desktop. You can now organize multiple desktops to make the desktop easier to work on.

A great feature for those people working on different groups of tasks.

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